Student and teacher

Student Energy Efficiency Education

PPL in conjunction with the National Energy Foundation and the Pennsylvania Department of Education, is proud to sponsor the THINK! ENERGY educational programs.

These programs teach students in grades 2-12 the importance of energy, natural resources and environmental issues. Each participating student's family receives energy-efficient technologies to install at home.

These programs are easy to implement and also reinforces learning requirements with relevant content and inquiry based activities. Teachers receive a selection of supplemental National Energy Foundation instructional materials and optional activities that may be used in the classroom following the presentation.

Participating students are asked to complete a Scantron form with their family, indicating what energy-efficient changes they have taken. Each teacher returning forms will receive a mini-grant of $25 to $150, depending on the percentage of completed Scantron forms returned.

All program offerings are FREE and are correlated to Pennsylvania learning standards.

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