• General Purpose

    LED omnidirectional: Use these bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs in most fixtures, such as table lamps, ceiling fixtures, floor torchieres and wall sconces.

  • Decorative

    LED candelabra: Use these bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs in decorative fixtures, such as ceiling fans, chandeliers and outdoor post lights.

  • Globe

    LED globe: Use in fixtures where the bulb is visible, like a bathroom vanity, pendant lamp or any other outward or downward facing socket.

  • Reflectors

    R or BR reflectors: Use to replace an R or BR lamp in recessed can and other applications. Common sizes are R 20, R or BR 30 and R or BR 40.

    PAR reflectors: Use to replace a PAR lamp in recessed, track and spot or flood light applications. Common sizes are PAR 30 and PAR 38.

    MR 16: Use to replace halogen MR16s, commonly used in track, under cabinet and range hood ventilation lighting.

  • Fixtures

    Retrofit kits: Use anywhere a reflector or recessed lighting would be found, including the kitchen or porch light (built-in reflector included).

    Flush mounts: Use in rooms that might benefit from a decorative fixture, such as foyers, living and dining rooms, hallways, and bedrooms (lightbulb included).